Manufacturer’s Golf & Country Club Wedding / Tina & Ryan

This September celebration was a continuation of last year’s nuptials, where Tina and Ryan officially tied the knot at Manufacturer’s Golf and Country Club.  Because of Covid, the ceremony was held outdoors among the shade of the tall oak trees.  Afterwards, the wedding party and guests went back to Tina & Ryan’s adorable backyard in Conshohocken.  This year, however, was the ‘real’ party.  Complete with a ginormous band, a gorgeous and proper cocktail hour and lots and lots of dancing!

Photos started with Ryan and Tina exchanging rings in the same place where they got married last year.  It was a sweet and quiet moment and a great way to kick off the pics.

Ryan is a long-time patron and employee of Manufacturer’s.  He knew all the great spots for photos.  We all drove around on our golf carts and I was able to see parts of the course I have never seen before!  Including the quarry hole, the old stone bridge and even a barn.

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