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I’m not gonna lie.

When John and I were planning our wedding,
you could say I was more than a tad overwhelmed.

There were sooo many decisions to make.

On more than one occasion, we’d look at each other say, should we just run out and get eloped?

But alas, we love our families too darn much
for us to tie the knot without them by our sides.

Are you like that?

Let me capture that for you.

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The truth is, your wedding is about so much more
than the love you share with one another.
It’s also very much about the love & history you share
 with your family & friends.

A celebration of the people
who have helped to make you who you are today.

Your wedding is a place where your love story
 and your life story intersect.

There is sacredness and magic here.
The smiles, the tears, the looks, the laughs,
the affection, the connection.

so I can deliver on your unique needs,
 preferences and values

get to know you

and with boundless creativity
(not a pocketful of poses)

arrive fresh

between you and your loved ones
(makes for better photos!)

encourage meaningful connection

take charge when you need me,
 disappear when you don't

be unobtrusive

If we work together,

I promise to




and other Fun Facts:

I married
my neighbor

nickname: Hos

favorite book: Jane Eyre

weird obsession: improving indoor air quality

hobbies: sewing, crafting, thrifting, packing picnics

happy place: Lancaster County backroads

addicted to: Burt’s Bees peppermint lip balm

pet peeves: fabric softener, Peloton commercials

greatest trip: Almalfi Coast

greatest achievement: The Great Kitchen Reno of ‘16

stress relief: vodka, vacuuming

can’t live without: south facing windows, after dinner walks

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