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Here in the northeast, we’re at that point in March juuust before the first warm days arrive and everything bursts into that riot of blossoms and smells and color (I know, I can’t wait either)


I found this branch on the cold hard ground the other day on my run.  Upon inspecting the terminal buds I concluded that he might just be the kind of branch that bursts into bloom after a few days in the warm.




I stuck him in some water in my office – the sunniest and loveliest room in the house!  I turned around two days later and THIS happened.




Kind of reminds me of the phase I am in with my business right now.  I am about 8 weeks into a major re-fresh, to celebrate 20 years of living out my passion.  My website, among other things, has gotten a bit stale the past few years (life happens!) as I have focused solely on serving the needs of my amazing clients.   I have felt pretty bad about this – the neglecting of my storefronts – but shame & guilt (though great motivators) really get you nowhere.


But now it’s finally time to focus on -and give honor to- this enterprise that has brought immeasurable joy and purpose to my life for the past two decades.

I have lots of fun and exciting things in store: not just a face-lift visually but a deep dive into WHY I do and love this work.  And how I can show up and serve my community better and with more intention going forward.



It’s been a long time coming.  And like the branch, I cannot wait for my big vision to burst into life and into the world!  There is a mountain of work ahead.  But so far it has been meaningful on a level I was totally unprepared for.


So thanks to all of you reading this and to my beloved clients – especially the ones who booked me recently despite my online platforms looking like they all need a fresh coat of paint, haha.  I appreciate all of you.  I hope you’ll join me in my excitement as I work towards the ‘big reveal’ in June.


  1. Elizabeth Armstrong says:

    I really enjoyed your optimistic message and I am glad that you are doing well. Great to hear that you have some creative changes in the works. All the best!!

  2. Ma says:

    Peach, pear, cherry, apple? Unable to identify the budding branch, however, there is no doubt it’s set on bearing fruit. Like the branch, your talent was laying dormant brought on by powers beyond your control. Now that the warmth is returning, you, (like the branch) will burst into fresh, new life!
    I can’t wait to see your developing new website! I look forward to spring. Best wishes, your loyal patron.

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