Vintage Pink Wallpaper on Etsy!

My latest project has been overhauling my living room, AKA, client meeting space!  I realized, among other things, that there was too much dark wood furniture that overwhelmed the little space so I began to brainstorm for ways I could lighten the mood and ‘funkify’ an otherwise blah decor…60’s pink wallpaper to the rescue!  This paper is amazing and exactly what I was looking for!
I plan to line the tops of my 2 circular coffee tables with this print, then top with thick glass, however, because it is so pretty, I may just have to frame a large panel of it and hang it on the wall as well!  At $45 for just over 5 yards, this paper is a steal.  I cannot wait until it arrives!
  1. Johnny T says:

    Yup…I can see Madmen cleary at work here.

  2. Anonymous says:


    just wondered how you managed to find the wallpaper on ESTY. Did you buy it from a seller or supplier. I have been searching but nothing…starting to get really upset because this is the wallpaper that I want…its lovely…

  3. blogger-user says:

    Hi there,
    I found the paper through a private seller. She only had a few yards left on the roll. Have you tried

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