national christmas center

I hope you all had a nice Christmas!  I wanted to share a few photos from a recent trip to the National Christmas Museum in Paradise, PA.  Laurie got the idea to take a road trip here after seeing the museum written up in her Martha Stewart Living magazine and we ended up having a fantastic time.  Just like their website says…its not what you expect!

here we are, just about to enter the museum, not knowing what to expect…

we realized this was no ordinary museum when we came to the life-size replica of  Woolworth’s
the center houses thousands of antique glass ornaments…
creepy Santa
more creepy Santas…
Woolworth’s…apparently, the man who donated to the center spent over a decade scouring antique shops and estate sales looking for these items and signage, most of them in their original packaging!
so pretty
ribbon / 25 cents
adorable box of ‘snow’
Laurie hanging with the reindeer…
one of my favorite trees loaded with the most beautiful pink glass ornaments
loved these green lights…
old-fashioned candelabras
Laurie loved these little pipe-cleaner trees amidst the army of miniature Santas
after putting a quarter in the old (and working!) nickelodeon, the room is filled with music
real letters to Santa: this girl ‘has made very little mistakes about being bad’
having worked up quite the appetite, Laurie and stop at a cute road-side diner up the street

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a wonderful photo layout. Nice afternoon. Love mom

  2. Johnny T says:

    This is a great post….Those creepy santas rival my new zombie doll…

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