my staycation breakfast

I am on staycation this week! That’s right: five glorious days of unscheduled time to do whatever it is I feel like!  September was crazy with weddings, portrait sessions and client meetings and October/November are shaping up to be about the same, so a few weeks ago I decided to block off some quiet time in advance with only one rule: no appointments.

In addition to returning emails several times a day, checking voice messages, uploading, rendering and editing last month’s images, I also have plenty of time to visit the library to read magazines, meet Laurie at Willow Grove Mall or putter around in my kitchen doing nothing in particular.  Bliss.

Here is a shot of my breakfast this morning, my extra time made evident by the freshly squeezed and sieved orange-grapefruit juice, bonus cup of green tea and spicy chicken sausage and red pepper burrito with melted Irish Dubliner.  It was pretty yummy.

I love staycation

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