memorial day weekend / personal

Back to work after a glorious three day weekend. The Sunday Night Blues hit me hard last night, even though it was Monday!  Here are some highlights of what (for me) constitutes a weekend well spent.

Friday night kick-off with date night and green tea margaritas

Saturday was our long-awaited girls day in Havre De Grace, MD. a favorite spot to chill, stroll and shop. Leena, we missed you!

honest-to-god one of the coolest shops I’ve ever been to – JoRetro

goofin off


everything in full bloom

laurie rocking her new haircut (she always looks great)

cocktails and assorted-salads picnic in the town square

complete with table cloth, of course

Sunday’s hike with John and our niece Sonny in Lambertville NJ

me posing next to an old farmstead building in the world’s most unflattering shorts

the view from top of Baldpate ‘Mountain’

always climbing trees, that Sonny

bloom from a Tulip Poplar

self-timer special. little did we know how seriously lost we’d get about 90 minutes later

Monday!  we continue the trend with another hike – this time with Mom. we found her a walking stick along the path and she was good to go

Evansburg State Park was so peaceful and beautiful

just off the Skippack Creek trail

more picnicing – green tea, deviled eggs (rather disheveled) and chicken-pesto-mozzarella wraps. its funny how everything seems to taste better on the trail

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