lauren + mike / radnor valley country club

Here are some highlights from Lauren + Mike’s summer luncheon wedding at Radnor Valley Country Club.  Lauren shimmered in her lace and tulle gown while Mike flashed his signature smile all day long.  Though the rain threatened, we were able to spend a good deal of time frolicking outside, resulting in lots of gorgeous and luminous portraits.


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A very special thanks to Laurie of Photography By Laurie for her fabulous second shooting.

  1. Meredith says:

    These are so fun and gorgeous! I love them all.
    When are you coming to San Diego? We need family photos!

  2. Lauren says:

    Annie, thank you (and Laurie!)for capturing the magic of the day so beautifully! Everything about this post made me smile or tear up (Mike will love the food photos!) Can’t wait to see all of the photos.

  3. G. Emenheiser says:

    What a lovely Jewish Chuppah! The photography is stunning, Annie! Wonderful capture of two people who obviously love each other! Just when I think I have seen your best, the next canvas shines even brighter! Excellent work; or should I say passion?

  4. Jess Galati says:

    Wow! These photos are gorgeous and truly capture the magic of their special day. Absolutely beautiful!

  5. Alli says:

    These are so beautiful!! Great job capturing such a special day, wonderful couple, and lovely family. It was a blast.

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