kitchen table musings

Today I decided to take a break from editing and walk over to Mermaid Park for a few Fall clippings.  The wind was chilly and my hands froze but I love all the colors and textures of my ‘found’ objects.



    Oh Annie, how I miss the Autumn! Here’s a poem I wrote a long time ago and will share it with you. Sometimes you seem so much like my inner self it’s uncanny! Genes I guess?

    A Rock in Autumn:

    in time the humans move on
    the forest swallowing them up
    like so many crows on the wing

    noisy, raucous fools
    searching in vain to find
    the beauty surrounding them

    oblivious to the sound
    each leaf utters as it falls
    the song of the brook
    footfalls of deer
    whisperings of fern
    and the passage of time

    here in the forest
    time stands still for me
    lichen and moss
    cloak me in my solitude

    in millennium past
    glaciers, living fortresses of ice
    dragged me helpless in their wake

    when the new age dawned
    in the warmth of the sun
    my creator took from me
    planting seed of every kind

    but i, though some insist i bare no soul
    live on in every tree and vine
    for i am a rock, an island
    in a see of autumn leaves

    Nolde Forest
    on my birthday

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