jacobsburg state park

I love mini vacations.  I read somewhere recently that people who take mini-vacations feel many of the same benefits as those who plan elaborate trips, without the hassle of airports, car rentals and all the planning.

A few weeks ago John and I decided to head up to the Bethlehem PA area.  I had always wanted to visit and when I looked it up on googlemaps, I discovered that there was a pretty cool-looking state park nearby that offered walking trails through beautiful forest, stream and meadow.

a snow-covered path through the clearing.
john through the trees.

my new phone takes great pictures; its depth of field is amazing.
john 🙂
bushkill creek, frozen in spots.
tall dried weeds in the meadow. they made the most fantastic sound as the wind blew.
wild raspberry branches.
soaking in the sun.
it seems that in winter, scenes are stripped down to their lines…

enjoying the fresh air
love the horizontal stripes of color in this one. we were both taken with the park: even in winter, there was beauty everywhere.  

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