jackie + patrick / union trust

This was my first time working at Union Trust downtown.  I loved all the warm, glowy lights and just the general ambiance of it all.  Jackie and Patrick were a dream to work with. Jackie is one of those understated beauties who seems very much a jeans and sweatshirt kind of gal.  But when she stepped into that gown I think even my heart fluttered a little.  And Patrick had this sort of old-fashioned manner about him, reminding me a bit of a young and more modern-day Jimmy Stewart.

We had initially decided to take photos at the Liberty Bell (Jackie’s uncle had a special connection) but we decided against it and chose only two locations, Merchants Exchange and Broad Street.  I think its always a good idea to limit photo spots to two, especially when we’re in the city.  It helps to cut down on incidence of bride and groom Photo Fatigue and helps to create a more leisurely photo experience for everyone.

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