happy birthday, laurie

I met Laurie ten years ago when we worked as printers for Philadelphia Photographics and we’ve been friends ever since.  She’s the kind of girl you want to invite to your party because you know she’ll chat up all of your guests and make them feel comfortable.

I remember the first day we met, her first day of work.  She stood by the Noritsu wearing a preppy green sweater and had us all captivated by her animated and hilarious storytelling.

Happy birthday Laurie; Seaside Park, here we come!

  1. Flora says:

    Oh it's beautiful to see your friendship 😉
    Happy Birthday Laurie!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Laurie, you are such a beautiful girl, no wonder you look like family when you are in the mix with the Hosfeld sisters! Of course… I am partial to them, but I will adopt you! Happy Birthday sweety. love mom

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