To ward off the winter doldrums, John and I started planning an annual local getaway.  Staying local tends to help keep things more low-key and a little less stressful.  Last year we visited Jacobsburg State Park near Bethlehem PA.  This year, we chose Gettysburg PA as I have always wanted to visit.  A friend of ours, Gerry, who is a Civil War history buff met us out there to give us a personal and incredibly in-depth tour of the battlefields.  It was an amazing yet sobering experience to walk the grounds where so many thousands of men lost their lives.

Codori farm from Wheatfield road
Lutheran Seminary steeple….where General Buford watched the opening battle unfold.
Devils Den from Little Round Top–the view of General warren just before the rebels attacked
 looking down the barrel of a Napoleon 12-pounder cannon
sunshine and shadows in the cold morning air
Moses McClean farm, Peace memorial in background
 ‘Bloody Railroad Cut’ where Davis’ Mississippi Brigade was trapped and slaughtered
this tree, called a Witness Tree, was here during the war!
John and me, taken by Gerry
Joseph Weikert farm, Wheatfield road in ‘the valley of death’….field hospital during and after the battle
Virginia monument
view of Eisenhower Farm from from the tower (where president Eisenhower grew up)
thanks, Gerry, for loaning me your coat and – oh yeah – the most amazing tour EVER!
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    Thanks Annie, Awesome photo's….and friends!

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