family session / Blue Bell PA

This Blue Bell PA family session was fast, fun and furious.  Such is usually the story when families go from one kid to two and especially three!  We pull out all the stops: bribes and games and grandmom.  And the good old reliable ‘daddy chasing mommy’.  There were squeals of delight.  There were laughs.  There was definitely some sweat and probably a few grass stains.

It seems like just 2 years ago I was photographing the beautiful Liz and Brad’s wedding at the Union League in Philadelphia.  But it was actually much longer than that (thanks Covid). They now live on the left coast, but come home to visit visit family here.  Their kids are gorgeous (see: pictures)  Rosy-cheeked and fair, they made a stunning trio as we all ran around the beautiful grounds of Prophecy Creek Park on this, one of the many, beautiful late spring days we’ve been blessed with lately.


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