debby + jon / national museum of american jewish history

This was my first time working at NMAJH and I loved it!  The location, the light, the staff – all fantastic.  Debby and Jon were equally excited about their venue.  At our walk-through they enthusiastically pointed out little spots they thought would make good backdrops; the museum was full of them.

These two were just so cute together.  They had a calm and gentleness with each other that I found myself drawn to.  A little excerpt from Jon and Debby’s wedding website:

‘Thanks to Debby’s love of another man named Jon, she emailed Jon when he posted in his Jdate profile that he was on The Daily Show twice, by accident. All she wanted was the story, but now eight years later, despite a heated baseball rivalry, here we are!’

~special thanks to Laurie for her beautiful images and Darby of Seed of Celebration for being so wonderful to work with.

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