Christmas Dinner Party

Just winding down from a super fun and very yummy dinner party with the in-laws.  John is one of eleven and we consider ourselves very lucky to have a family that we actually enjoy hanging out with.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t pack the whole Taglianetti clan in our little downstairs, so we decided to throw a smaller, more intimate gathering this time around.  I live for entertaining – my favorite part is the last half hour before our guests arrive when I can walk around, light the candles and try to capture the warm and glowy ambiance of the moment with the camera.

table for 8.

summoning my inner floral designer…with help from my friend, Produce Junction.

Vincent stands guard while the champagne chills…
I couldn’t wait to use my handmade velvet stocking favors for the first time, given to me on Thanksgiving  by my wonderful stepmom, Kathy
found this cute little candle set at the thrift store yesterday for $5, score!

The candles are lit, the dishwasher emptied, the champagne opened…let the fun begin!
John shares a laugh with his brother, Steve.  Main course is served: beef bourguignon with mashed potatoes and french beans, yummm!
two of my go-to party staples: jelly jars and cake stands
a smokey, fruity 2003 Rutherford red…when it comes to wine, Carmen does not mess around.
my favorite time of day: time for dessert…Nigella Lawson’s chocolate pots did not disappoint…
the lovely Paulana featuring another dessert…
…strawberries with lemon & mint, served in vintage red glass candy dish
some silly pix before heading out to see The Tourist.  Good thing our dinner party was better than the movie!  Thanks everyone for coming to our Christmas Dinner Party 2010.  We love you guys!
  1. Paulana says:

    You are the best! I loved the pictures! Your home had such an amazing decoration/ feeling! Thank you so much for a great night! love you! P

  2. Erika C says:

    You are amazing!!! I need hostess tips next time you visit;)

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