camille + david / bellevue hotel

Here are some of my favorite shots from my very first wedding of the season on March 12th.  Camille & David live in Idaho, so they knew right away that they were going to need some help in planning their long-distance Philadelphia wedding.  
Naturally, they hired Melody of Innove Events since the family had worked with her twice already for Camille’s sister’s weddings in years prior. 
I love the vintage clock theme going on here.  It is quite fitting as daylight savings hold a special meaning for the couple.  Camille says, “Our first date was at Notre Dame in April of 2006, on “spring forward”, daylight’s savings time.  Later on, when we were trying to figure out when to celebrate our anniversary, we couldn’t really remember which day it was exactly but we knew it was daylights savings so that night always held a special ‘anniversary’ type of meaning for us.  Then in November of 2010, on “fall back” of daylight’s savings time, David proposed at our home in Sandpoint Idaho!  He swears he didn’t plan it… but I loved it!”
Very cool.
There are a few black & white film images mixed in here; you can tell which ones are film by the slight graininess.  I love grain.
Special thanks to Kris, my awesome second shooter, who’s images can be found below.
The gorgeous flowers are by Nancy Saam.

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