anne + roman / rodeph shalom & sofitel hotel

Here are some highlights from Anne & Roman’s wedding in early June.  My two favorite parts about this wedding, besides working with Anne, Roman and their awesome families were getting to meet their adorable lhasa-poodle mix, Morty, and the cool book theme they had woven throughout the entire day…
Actually, that’s not true, there’s a third: the gorgeous, live-symphonic version of Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matter’s’ that was played during the circling portion of their Jewish ceremony.  I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who teared up during that part.

gown: Jewel by Priscilla of Boston
florist: Robertson’s
makeup/hair: Adolf Beiker in Rittenhouse
music: Barcelona for EBE
cake (croquembouch) & catering: Sofitel
video: The Good Life Films
photography by Annie Hosfeld & Kris Mendoza 


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