aileen + michael / old york road country club

These two love birds were especially adorable.  I knew the day was going to be a good one when I arrived at Aileen’s prep site which happened to be her childhood home; an adorable little house on a quiet tree-lined street not far from where I live.  When I stepped into the house (it was empty since the girls were all at the salon finishing up) I could feel the love and memories all around me.  Aileen arrived soon after with her beautiful bridesmaids and the rest of the day was a happy flash.

Thanks Aileen and Michael, for letting me in on your ‘love story’ – it was a sincere pleasure capturing these images and getting to work so closely with you and your families.

And a special thanks to Laurie for accompanying me with her talents (and charm) on this beautiful day.

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  1. Tim Callahan says:


    Great pictures in the teaser for Aileen and Mike. I can’t wait to see the rest.

    Tim Callahan (the Dad)

  2. Aileen Curran says:

    Annie, these are so incredibly beautiful!! Thank you so much for capturing our wedding day so perfectly – I can’t stop looking at them!!! Truly, an amazing job!!

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