advent wreath

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I cannot believe the holiday season is now upon us!  I took the opportunity after breakfast this morning to build an advent wreath.  The season of Advent marks the Catholic tradition of preparing one’s heart for the celebration of the birth of Christ in the weeks leading up to Christmas day.  Each Sunday evening – starting tonight – we will pause to light one of the four candles and then recite a prayer and a meditation or two.  Though my wreath this year is far from ‘liturgically correct’ my hope is that it will help John and me to remember to slow down and ponder the ‘reason for the season’ amidst the holiday craziness, which I think descends on everybody at some point this time of year.

great-smelling candles found at Target for $3 a pop

I will take any opportunity to break out the rubber stamps and embossing powder

though pretty, I thought this wool string was a potential fire hazard so I tucked the tags inside the glass jars in the final arrangement.


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