why film?

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Why Film?

To me, there is a charm and beauty to the physical method of film exposure and processing, tending towards images with greater character, warmth and depth.

With film photography, each camera has its own ‘personality’, its own unique way of capturing the light and transferring it onto the film.
Older cameras, notably the antique ones, can create delightfully varied and unusual images.   Like a musical recording on vinyl, there is beauty in imperfection.

In 2010 I finally ‘crossed over’ to the world of digital photography.  It was a difficult  decision for me because of my passion for film (and for that matter, all things analog).  For the first few months, my film cameras collected a bit of dust as I adjusted to the new routine.

Nowadays, though I shoot mainly in digital format, I welcome the opportunity to revel in a bit of film photography at each and every wedding.