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joy, laughter and lightness


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Annie was a dream to work with. From the first time we met her, we recognized her warm spirit and joy of capturing beautiful moments. Annie was professional, sweet, humorous, organized, and kept everything on schedule in the most delightful way.

- Ally -

Annie is the best! She was so skilled at making people feel comfortable that it came through in every single shot. Nothing looked staged or awkward, and she had such creative ideas.
 She is definitely unique as an artist that makes it all about her clients and what they want from the experience.

- Karen -

Her balance between warmth and organized professional was amazing. As someone who loves lists, schedules, and attention to detail, Annie was my perfect match! 

- Barrie -

We never felt like we had to worry about the timeline of the day or if we were getting all of the shots we wanted. Annie was always one step ahead.

- Melissa -

She knew how to make us laugh, when to give us space, and how to gently but efficiently handle some of those weird dynamics and situations we anticipated might arise. 

- Randi -

She handled our family shots so professionally and kindly, and kept amazing track of time and people.

- Casey -

When i got the pictures back from Annie, I was elated…she just did such an incredible job of capturing all of the joy and love and special moments.

- Illana -

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